Yog Kumbha “India’s Biggest Yoga Festival”

Sigificance Of Vrindavan Kumbh

The Puranas talk about “Mrityuloka” or the material Earth planet for mortals where the Kumbh Mela is held at four sacred places and the “Aprakata” or the transcendental universe where the Kumbh Mela is held in eight different places, Vrindavan and Kashi in the North and Kumbakonam in the South being the foremost.

In a more practical note, historians refer to the evidence pertaining to shifting of sites and places by custodians of religion to promote their own ‘tirthas’ or places of pilgrimage, which may partly explain the importance of Prayagraj (Allahabad) over Haridwar or the rediscovery of Braj Bhoomi or Vrindavan by saint-reformers of the Vaishnava sect in the 15th century, who reinterpreted the worship of trees, hills and rivers in relation to Krishna’s lilas (pastimes).

In relevance to the Kumbh Mela, a connection is established in the Puranas and Vedas between the ocean of milk (Ksheera Sagar) and Gauloka (gau means cow and loka means world), or the planet of cows on which Krishna resides. Krishna, as we know, is the complete avatar of Vishnu and hence the connotation or significance to Samudra Manthan and the Kumbh Mela cannot be missed. Krishna is said to live in a beautiful white castle in the midst of the Ksheera Sagar. The oceans of salt water, sweet water, milk, honey, yoghurt, ghee and finally the ocean of bliss, the eternal world of Vaikuntha, bear reference to how one can aspire to leave the material world and enter the world of ‘absolute truth’.

Legends in India are many; the external tale is woven like a child’s tale but the inner subtle and mysterious significances cannot be ignored.
To continue with the tale of the Samudra Manthan, a popular belief is held that Garud while flying away with the nectar pitcher sat on the Kadamba tree at Kalidah in Vrindavan; the tree has since then remained evergreen. Therein is the connection between Vrindavan and the Kumbh Mela.

Another story tells about how Nandbaba, Krishna’s foster father, expressed the desire to bathe in the Ganga as a purification ritual. To Krishna’s reply that the Yamuna was also a sacred river mother, Nandbaba merely replied that Ganga is the most holy of rivers and a dip during the holy Kumbh season was a must for every devout Hindu. Nandbaba then dreamt of the holy horse, Prayag Raj, on a visit to Vrindavan from Allahabad to turn his black exterior into dusty white in the soil of Vrindavan on the banks of the Yamuna. In his dream he saw the white waters of the Ganga flowing into the blacker waters of the Yamuna thus creating a holy confluence (Sangam).

The black outline is reference to the sins of the millions who came to bathe in the Ganga and the change from black to white is a significant reference to the equally pure waters of the Yamuna capable of washing away the sins of mortals.

Held once in 12 years, or every year that the Haridwar Kumbh Mela is held, the Vrindavan Kumbh Mela attracts many devotees who ritually bathe in the Yamuna. It is customary practice for some groups of saints to attend the Vrindavan Kumbh prior to the Shahi Snan (royal bath) at Haridwar.

The Vrindavan Kumbh is observed when the Sun and Jupiter traverse through the 11th house of the Zodiac, which is Aquarius, synchronizing with the timing of the Haridwar Kumbh Mela. During the Vrindavan Kumbh, holy waters of the Ganga are brought from Garhganga and released into the Yamuna to signify the Sangam and millions of devotees take a dip in the river, because Vrindavan or Braj Bhoomi is considered ‘transcendental’ or beyond the material universe. This year the Vrindavan Kumbh will be held from 16th Feb, 2021 to 25th March 2021.

Yog Kumbh

Lakhs of devotees are expected to attend Kumbh in Vrindavan from 16th of Feb to 25th of March 2021, On this occasion Yoga Kumbh is being organized by the institute from 1st March 2021 to 25th March 2021. Yoga Kumbh is going to be a very huge yajna in itself, where people from all over the country and abroad will gather to know India’s culture, Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Spirituality.

This is going to be a great opportunity for all researchers, scholars and pioneers from the field of Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Alternative Therapies, Spirituality, psychiatry and psychology to present/share their knowledge, experience and findings at the most grandiose event in India. This month long event ‘Yog Kumbh 2021’ which is the combination of multiple conference /Seminars /Convention and Cultural programs of Indian Classical and Folk traditions.

Millions of Tourist, Schools/Colleges/universities students, doctors, spiritual gurus and eminent yoga masters from India is going to participate in the ‘Yoga Kumbh 2021’ in Vrindavan.

The primary objective of the festival hinges on the promotion, development and spreading awareness about yoga, spirituality and Indian medical system on audience edification and spiritual awareness of self and beyond.
Many different programs will be conducted during the Yoga Kumbh which are listed as below:


  • Grand Opening Ceremony with representation of every Yoga Community of India and different other countries and eminent Masters of Yoga and Spirituality.
  • Daily Morning Yoga Session
  • lectures and discourses of Great Masters everyday
  • Research Paper Presentation and panel discussions, awards for participation.
  • Yoga Competition.
  • Practical workshop by acclaimed Yoga Masters everday
  • 3 days Yoga Naturopathy health Camp.
  • Sativik & Naturopathy Food Court
  • Exhibition of Yoga Pictures, Books, Music.
  • Yoga Assembly & Plenary Sessions
  • 3 days Yoga retreat program.
  • 2 days Kriya Yoga Tantra Meditation program.
  • 3 days Arogya Mela/An International Yoga Seminar.
  • 2 days Cultural programs and competition of Indian Classical and Folk Tradition.
  • 2 days Vedang Mahotsav ( National Seminar on Indian Vedic Science and The six Limbs of Veda.
  • Various stalls of different organisations for Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda and other Indian medical system or related products.
  • 4 days yoga rejuvination program.
  • Satsang / Sessions – Spiritual discourses and question-answer sessions with seers and scientists
  • 3 days chakra meditation and bhakti yoga program.
  • Annakshetra(Free Prashad/Food) from sunrise to midnight.
  • Holi Milan Samaroh, Festival Of colour and love. Ending Ceremony
  • Like many different programs will be conducted during Yoga Kumbh.

This program is going to be held at a grand level which in itself will be the parliament of Yoga Ayurveda and Naturopathy.
For this program which about to held for a month, arrangements for lodging, food and spiritual journey are also being made. The total approximate cost for the complete festival is going to be about 25000000 rupees.

Sponsors mileage

Sponsors Name and logo will be there depending on the category at the world’s largest human congregation!

The sponsorship of Rs 30 lacs or above will be considered as the co-sponsor for the event logo and the name will be published in all the promotional stuffs including stage banner.

The Sponsorship of Rs10 lacs or above will be considered as the co-sponsor for a week program. The logo and name of the organisation will be published in all the promotional stuffs including stage banner for particular duration and program.

The Sponsorship upto Rs 2.50 – 3 lacs will be considered as the co-sponsor of a day program.

The Sponsorship of Rs 5 -10 lacs will be considered as the gold sponsor and the logo and name will be presented in all the yoga kumbh related magazine. one stall (10ft ×10ft) will be provided along with 2 tables and 3 chairs for the entire duration of the festival.

The sponsorship of below Rs 5 lacs will be considered as the silver sponsor. Name and logo of the sponsor will be printed over seminar kit and note books.

Stalls of 100 sft (10 ftx10 ft) with two tables and three chairs @ Rs 2.50 lakhs for entire duration of Yoga Kumbh i.e. 25 days.( 1st March 2021 – 25th March 2021.

We hope that we will get more and more support from International Naturopathy Organization for this biggest and greatest event ever in the history through Yoga Kumbh and it’s Grand Success.